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  • Official DeSpread

    Official DeSpread

    DeSpread Creative — A Group of Blockchain Experts in South Korea Website: https://despread.io

  • Lior M. Messika

    Lior M. Messika

    CEO @ Messika Holdings & Founder @ Eden Block. I research the intersection of Technology, Markets, and Business Model Innovation.

  • Veerle Seymus

    Veerle Seymus

    Fascinated by how ICT is rashly altering all conventions. We live a revolution. I ooze ambition.

  • Akshay Jirage

    Akshay Jirage

    Artist turned Serial Entrepreneur | Art Market Analyst | Champion of www.artmarq.com and now eyeing data-driven decision making and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Aditi Rajaram

    Aditi Rajaram

    @NYU alum; <3 longform journalism, tech, fashion, free culture

  • @ChrisMatthieu


    Builder of companies, robots, supercomputers, & motorcycles. @xrpanet & @twelephone CEO. Formerly @magicleap @computesio @citrix @octoblu @nodester @teleku

  • Bekhzod Abdurazzakov

    Bekhzod Abdurazzakov

    Dad and former systems programmer turned lawyer. Passionate about technology, finance and investing.

  • Jane Xiang

    Jane Xiang

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